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Hunan daily news May 22nd (reporter Liu Dexin correspondent once Yang Yan Dong) in our province through the source of water, a good faucet, the full implementation of the most stringent water management system. According to the data published by the Provincial Water Resources Department today, the total amount of water used in our province in 2015 is 33 billion 10 million cubic meters, and the water consumption of the 10000 yuan industrial added value is 82 cubic meters, 42.7% lower than that in 2010, the effective utilization coefficient of farmland irrigation water is 0.496, and the water quality standard rate of the important river and lake water area is 90.4%, and the "12th Five-Year" water has been completed in an all-round way. The target of resource management.

In 2011, since the central No. 1 document established the most strict water resource management system, our province started with strict assessment, water saving society construction, water ecological civilization construction, water resource management system mechanism, water resource monitoring ability construction, water resource scheduling and allocation, and the whole process of water resources management from the water source to the water tap. . The provincial government issued the most stringent water resources management system implementation plans and assessment methods, and established the provincial, municipal and county "three red lines" (water resources development and utilization control red line, water efficiency control red line, water function area limit of the red line) of the annual control index system. Since 2015, the provincial government has carried out the examination of the most stringent water resources management system in the city and state government, and the assessment of the city and county is also fully started. The assessment of some counties and cities in Lianyuan extends to the villages and towns.

Strictly control the total amount of water. All the 29 cities in the whole province carry out the system of the water price of the residents, and the 7 municipal administrative regions, such as Changsha and Zhuzhou, carry out the super plan, the excess quota progressive price increase system, and effectively guide the enterprises and the residents to save water by the price lever.

Improve the efficiency of water use. The newly revised water quota of Hunan Province, the compulsory water quota standard for 63 kinds of products in 20 industries is carried out, and the water quantity is calculated in strict accordance with the water quota in the water resources demonstration and water intake permit. Changsha, Yueyang, Xiangtan, Zhuzhou and other 4 cities have completed the pilot projects of national water-saving society construction, and have been checked and approved by the Ministry of water resources.

Assessment target of water resources management

According to the "implementation of the most stringent water resources management system assessment measures" promulgated by the State Council, in 2015, 2020 and 2030, the target of total water use control in our province are 34 billion 400 million cubic meters, 35 billion 975 million cubic meters and 35 billion 977 million cubic meters respectively. The control targets for the water quality of important rivers and lakes are 85%, 91% and 95%, respectively. The target of water efficiency control is: in 2015, the water consumption of industrial added value of 10000 yuan was 35% lower than that of 2010, and the irrigation coefficient of farmland water increased to 0.490.

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