The safety of drinking water from the source to the tap water

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Specifically, from this year, every quarter of Huicheng district environmental protection branch to public drinking water quality and safety status, Huicheng District Water Bureau to the public water supply water water quality and safety status, the Huicheng district health and family planning bureau to the public user faucet water quality and safety status.
At the same time, the project proposed that the pollutant discharge will be fully controlled, including the prevention and control of industrial pollution, the strengthening of urban living pollution control, and the prevention and control of agricultural and rural pollution.
In the field of industrial pollution prevention and control, by the end of 2016, the "ten small" production projects that were not in line with the national industrial policy were banned by the end of the year, and a long-term mechanism was established to prevent the "ten small" enterprises to grow and spread. From 2016 onwards, we will implement the "Huicheng illegal gem processing workshop clean-up and rectification work plan" and clean up the illegal gem processing plant in the whole region.
To strengthen urban pollution control, we should speed up the construction and transformation of urban sewage treatment facilities. To promote sludge harmless and domestic waste disposal, the goal of harmless treatment of municipal solid waste is increased to 100%.
In addition, the reporter also saw that the plan clearly defined the road map and timetable for the implementation of the water pollution control action plan of the State Council in Huicheng. According to the timetable, by 2020, the quality of water environment in Huicheng area has been improved stage, the polluted water body is greatly reduced, the safety level of drinking water is further improved, the quality of groundwater is stable, the environmental quality of Dongjiang, West Zhijiang and freshwater river basins is steadily better, and the water ecological environment in the whole region has improved. By 2030, the water environment quality of the whole region has been improved and the function of water ecosystem has been restored. By the middle of this century, the quality of the water environment improved completely, the ecological system realized a benign cycle, and the new pattern of economic prosperity, clear water, ecological balance and human water harmony was initially formed.
weather phenomenon
"Ten small" enterprises
The production projects of small paper, leather making, printing and dyeing, dye, coking, sulphur smelting, arsenic smelting, refining, electroplating, pesticide and other serious polluted water environment are not in line with the national industrial policy.

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