In today's Dalian, many areas stop water and pressure drop.

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In order to maintain the needs of water supply equipment, the water supply in the following areas has been affected at 8:30 on May 27, 2016, on both sides of the Southwest Road (North China road the Yellow River Road), green wave District, Li Jia Street District, Hou one or two district, Xinhua Tongren Xuan, three atlanto fragrant grass garden, Tianhe District, Xiyuan small area, seaport garden, dong t District, liujiaxqiao District, Xishan village, new primary school, spring willow maternity hospital, Dalian Central Hospital and other areas are stopped and depressurization. The project is expected to end at 14:30 on the 27 day, and the water supply will be resumed in succession at the time. Dalian Water Supply Group Co., Ltd. reminds users in the above areas to make preparations for storing water. During this period, users are requested to remember to turn off the tap immediately. Inconveniences, please forgive!

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