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Most people are used to making direct use of faucets in the morning, but usually, before using the faucet the next day, we usually have to put the water in the faucet off the next night and then use it.

At least three kinds of faucets are used for each household.

On the faucet, everyone is "smelling the lead color change", in fact, no matter how good the faucet, it is difficult to avoid more or less lead element deposition pollution, only usually due to the effect of lead protective film in the faucet, the content is greatly reduced to the standard level.

However, the water in the tap for a long time will lead to the falling of lead protective film, and lead will be separated after dissolving in water. In particular, the traditional faucet and water pipe are easier to rust and pollute the water quality. Therefore, when we get up early, we need to drain the yellow water in the pipe. Stainless steel faucets are relatively healthy, but the price is higher.
Five years as a big brand, one year for a change

The house is bought, the decoration is also good, about all the home, except the large items such as household appliances, many things will be ten years for decades, so we will pay attention to the quality of the home goods, but like the faucet, even if it is not bad for many years, you should also have to replace them and replace them, because When the tap is used for a long time, there will be varying degrees of rust.

At least three kinds of faucets are used for each household.

On the brand word of mouth better faucet goods, can be changed for five years, if it is the contrast of small and no brand assurance of the faucet goods, advocated a year for a good contrast, as for the laundry and other non drinking faucets, it can be used for a long time is not important, 6-7 years to change.

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